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April Meeting

  • Location:  Kilauea District Park

  • Date:   April 18th (Thursday)

  • Time:  9:00 am to 11:30 am (Morning)

  • Topic:   Orchid Care 

  • Agenda:

    • ​Discussion on fertilizing, insect and fungal protection and general orchid care to improve plant growth.

    • Open forum to share your own  experiences with your plants

    • Plant sharing

    • Lucky number drawing


Next Meetings:

  • ​May 16th Topic: TBD

  • June, July and August meetings will be located at alternate site - stay tuned

2023-10 KOS Newsletter - Honohono1.jpg

Lc. Carolyn Reid 'Glowing Embers'

Owner: Alan Maii

2024 KOS Officers:
le Watanabe
1st Vice President

Tod Takahashi
Recording Secretary
Corresponding Secretary
Paula Fukuda
Jan Nogawa
Beaudine Ma
Alan Maii

Alice Kim
Evie Yamakawa

Steph Miwa


New Members

Danna, Waka

and Anapum

Alice Kim - 2024 Orchidist of the Year.JPG
2024-04-27HANDS-ON MEETING.jpg

General Tips on New Plants

Always error on the side of caution whenever introducing a new plant to your collection. New plants are always exciting but it is also necessary to guard against them introducing any unwelcomed critters or maladies. There are several things that can be done. First consider spraying with a pesticide and fungicide. Then extricate any slugs, snails, and weeds that may be present. Add some slug bait and the isolate the plant from your collection until inspection shows that there are no insects, bacteria, or fungus present. These cautions are in fact an extension of the attention given to your collection to ensure that the plants are free of vermin, fungus, and weeds. Keeping your growing area, including the ground, clean and free of dead leaves and other matter is mandatory for promoting good growth. Just remember that regular attention. even if minimal, goes a longer way than no attention.
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