In Person KOS General Meetings Canceled 

Until Further Notice

Your Board has been contemplating a variety of alternatives to help maintain interest in the Society and more importantly to assist members in maintaining a focus on the care and culture of the plants that can bring joy during difficult times so stay tuned.
President Michele tells of the additional time she spends in the shade house re-potting, pulling weeds, and just cleaning and tidying things up. And while it can be a little tiring, she mentions that the satisfaction at the end of the day is truly gratifying. 
  • Helpful tips with your plantsEstablish a schedule for regular watering/fertilizing, Treat Insect/Virus activity as soon as noticed. Dedicate some time to re-potting. Keep plants/growing area free of weeds/dead leaves/ stalks, etc.
  • Share your Plant/bloom images and culture experiences       Please send photos, comments, etc. to Alan Maii
       ( for newsletter, bulletin potentials.
2021 KOS Officers:
Michele Watanabe
1st Vice President
Linda Leong
2nd Vice President
Recording Secretary
Alice Murai
Corresponding Secretary
Paula Fukuda
Jan Nogawa
Beaudine Ma
Alan Maii
Ingrid Meyer
Alice Kim
Evie Yamakawa
Steph Miwa
Ernie & Jan Nogawa

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