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Founded - Incorporated in 1998
Founded in 1976 by Walter Lum, George Ageno & Robert Itoman

Non profit and non political horticultural organization to promote, carry on and aid in every possible way the culture of orchids of all kinds, to conduct or cause to be conducted scientific research for orchid culture, to acquire and disseminate information relating to orchid culture through exhibitions, lectures and publications.
Mission - To aid those interested in orchid culture
To make awards such as certificates, medals for excellence and proficiency in the culture of orchids and generally to extend knowledge, production, use and appreciation of orchids of any kind and in any manner.
Awards - Blooming plants are judged by the American Orchid Society
We are privileged to be an adjudicated meeting and welcome anyone to bring orchids to our meetings to be judged.
Products - Orchids, plants, orchid growing supplies, and friendship.

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